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That The Bible is...

  • The Word of God. When the Bible speaks, God speaks. 

  • Personal.  It is both from God and for us.

  • Authoritative. To obey the Bible is to obey God himself. 

  • Trustworthy. Every single word of the Bible can be fully trusted as good and true. 

  • Essential. It carries both daily relevance and eternal impact for our lives. 

That God is...

  • Monotheistic. He is the one and only God. There is none other

  • Perfection. God is fully worthy of all possible love, worship and obedience. 

  • Sovereign & Good. God is involved in his creation. 

  • The Just Judge & Loving Savior. God is a Redeemer of his people. 

  • A Trinity. Eternally exists in 3 persons: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

That People are...

  • Uniquely Created. God created all people, men and women, in his own image.

  • Valuable. All possess priceless worth regardless of race, gender or social status. 

  • Lost. Though God’s precious creation, people rejected God in attitude and action.

  • Sinful. Without exception all people are now sinful by birth and choice.

  • Broken.  Sin resulted in lives daily damaged and eternally separated from God. 

That the Gospel is...

  • Necessary. Apart from God’s mercy, all deserve just punishment for our rebellion.

  • Good News. Jesus lived a sinless life but died a sinner’s death in our place.

  • Non-Negotiable. Through Jesus alone are we saved. 

  • Beautiful. God’s wrath was satisfied. Our sins are forgiven.

  • Transforming. Sinners are restored to worship, love and obey their Creator..

You can learn more about who we are and our beliefs over at the Southern Baptist Convention website.

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