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We welcome everyone to attend our Sunday gatherings.

We believe that they are the most important occasions of the week and give us 

holy moments to know God through singing, preaching & teaching of the Bible,

and prayer together.

We hope you will come and worship together with us!

Sunday Worship Service

In response to the current improved situation with COVID-19, we have resumed indoor worship services at 9:30 am on Sundays.   Until further notice, this worship service will also be live-streamed via YouTube at the following link.

YouTube Link:

Some COVID related worshiping rules:

1. Mask is required for self protection and courtesy to other attending members.

2. Keep 6 feet social distancing.

3. Children are allowed in the sanctuary but must stay with their parents/guardians.

English Worship Service
9:30 AM

The English service meets at 9:30 AM in the Multi-Purpose Room, except on the 1st Sunday when it worships in the Main Sanctuary. Every first Sunday is Lord's Supper.

Youth Worship Service
9:30 AM

Youth Service is combined with the main English Service until further notice. However on the 4th Sunday it has its own worship services at the LCC Fellowship Hall.

Children's Ministry

Children are a vital part of our worship and community at ACBC. Currently children are meeting in person at 9:30 am and 11 am.

Contact Jing Chao ( for more information.

English Congregation Preaching Schedule 2023-2024

Aug 2023- Oct 2023  Philippians: Infectious Joy 

Nov 2023 Basics of Christianity

Dec 2023 Christmas: the Wonder of Jesus’ Birth 

Jan 2024-Mar 2024 Exodus: God Remembers Israel 

Apr 2024-June 2024 Gospel of Luke: The Servant King  

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